Hostalric and its main sights

Hostalric is a town and municipality of the Selva comarca,(Catalonia). It is part of the subregion of Baix Montseny.

Hostalric was, in the past, an obligatory passage area on the North-South route and the only natural path between Girona and Barcelona. In some surveys, done on the castle hill, remains from the Iberian period were found. In Roman times an internal division of the Via Augusta passed through this place. The remains of this route were found when the road to Sant Hilari Sacalm was built. The town of Hostalric seems to have originated with a hostel, documented from the 11th century on the site of Onota, at the foot of the so-called Camino de Francia (ancient Roman road). The toponym Hostalric is a joining of ‘hostal’ and ‘ric’ (cat. rich). The first clear documentary record of Hostalric is from 1106 and in it Guerau Ponç, viscount of Cabrera, swore fidelity to Ramon Berenguer III of Barcelona. More history see here

Festivals and traditions

● The Festa Major of the city is celebrated on the first weekend of July
● The medieval market and fair is celebrated on Easter weekend
● The Giants Festival (from cat. La Festa Gegantera) is celebrated on the weekend closest to May 1
● The Sant Miquel Fair is celebrated on the last weekend of September
● Weekly market: Tuesday

Tourism and main sights

Walls and Castle of Hostalric

Mas Ciurana building

City Hall of Hostalric

Parish church of Santa Maria of Hostalric

Square of the Bulls, or Place of Cattle

Can Llibre building

An apartment in carrer del Forn, 7

An apartment in carrer Higini Negra, 2

Can Fortuny building in carrer Verge dels Socors

Can Silvestre Humet building

Can Elias, o Can Riera building

Can Coma, o Can Busqueta building

Can Calls building

Can Plans building

Ateneu Popular d’Hostalric building

Cuisine and restaurants

There are more than 15 restaurants of a fairly high quality in Hostalric. Prices are cheaper than in Barcelona and Girona. Mostly located within the borders of the Old Town.


Shopping in Hostalric is not a priority on the tourist program. Only on weekends city bazaars and fairs, which traditionally take place on weekends or on some public holidays in the main square, can be of tourist interest. At the fairs, in particular, you can come across exclusive products grown in the region. Among them are some well-known wine and cheese brands in Spain.

Shortest distances to the main Catalan cities and resorts

From Balaguer: 2 hr 11 min (195 km) via A-2 and AP-7

From Begur: 52 min (68.4 km) via C-31

From Berga: 1 hr 18 min (102 km) via C-62 and C-25

From Calafell (tolls): 1 hr 28 min (138 km) via AP-7

From Cardona: 1 hr 30 min (125 km) via C-25

From Cervera: 1 hr 34 min (148 km) via A-2 and AP-7

From Corçà: 51 min (64.6 km) via C-66 and AP-7

From Figueres: 53 min (82.6 km) via AP-7

From Girona: 39 min (40.5 km) via AP-7

From La Seu D’Urgell: 2 hr 16 min (173 km) via C-16

From L’Arboç: 1 hr 16 min (117 km) via AP-7

From L’Estartit: 1 hr 7 min (78.3 km) via AP-7

From Lleida (Lerida): 2 hr 12 min (222 km) via AP-2 and AP-7

From Lloret de Mar: 30 min (23.9 km) via GI-512

From Manresa: 1 hr 11 min (105 km) via C-16 and AP-7

From Mataró: 42 min (49.5 km) via AP-7

From Montblanc: 1 hr 40 min (163 km) via AP-7

From Os de Civís: 2 hr 45 min (195 km) via C-16

From Osor: 47 min (44.9 km) via C-63

From Pals: 52 min (67.9 km) via C-31

From Puigcerda: 1 hr 59 min (150 km) via C-16

From Reus: 1 hr 45 min (169 km) via AP-7

From Ripoll: 1 hr 4 min (81.4 km) via C-17 and C-25

From Sabadell: 49 min (58.6 km) via AP-7

From Salou: 1 hr 43 min (169 km) via AP-7

From Sant Llorenç de Morunys: 1 hr 57 min (132 km) via C-25

From Sitges: 1 hr 16 min (105 km) via AP-7

From Solsona: 1 hr 45 min (143 km) via C-55 and C-25

From Sort: 3 hr 7 min (223 km) via Eje Pirenaico/N-260

From Suria: 1 hr 19 min (110 km) via C-25

From Tarragona: 1 hr 38 min (158 km) via AP-7

From Tàrrega: 1 hr 38 min (158 km) via AP-7

From Talamanca: 1 hr 36 min (96.3 km) via AP-7

From Terrasa: 54 min (72.0 km) via AP-7

From Tossa de Mar: 37 min (41.1 km) via GI-681, C-35 and AP-7

From Torroella de Montgrí: 1 hr (72.7 km) via AP-7

From Tremp: 2 hr 42 min (222 km) via C-1412b and C-25

From Valls: 1 hr 36 min (151 km) via AP-7

From Verges: 50 min (65.5 km) via AP-7

From Vic: 46 min (48.1 km) via C-25

From Vilanova i la Geltrú: 1 hr 25 min (114 km) via C-32 and AP-7

From Andorra: 2 hr 38 min (192 km) via C-16

Main information

Area: 3.4 sq. km

Coordinates: 41° 44′ 53″ N, 2° 38′ 10″ E

Population: 4139

Languages: Spanish, Catalan

Currency: euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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