Haliç Metro Bridge (Haliç Metro Köprüsü) is a tensioned inclined cable-stayed bridge located on the Golden Horn in Istanbul, providing the passage of the M2 metro line and with the Haliç metro station on it. The bridge, whose construction started on January 2, 2009 within the scope of the Taksim-Yenikapı extension of the M2 line, was put into service with the Yenikapı extension on February 15, 2014. The bridge, whose first project studies date back to the 1960s, provides the passage of the M2 metro line between Şişhane and the Golden Horn. The bridge has the ability to be opened and closed during ship passage.

It is located between the Galata Bridge and Atatürk Bridge, approximately 200 m (660 ft) east of the latter. It is the fourth bridge across the Golden Horn.

The cable-stayed bridge has an overall length of 936 m (3,071 ft) between Azapkapı (Beyoğlu) and Unkapanı/Küçükpazarı (Fatih), and a span of 460 m (1,510 ft) over water. The longest span between the two towers is 180 m (590 ft). It is flanked by viaducts on both sides which connect the bridge with the metro tunnels on each side of the Golden Horn. Nine cables are connected to each side of the two towers in harp-design starting at a height of 47 m (154 ft).

To reinforce the soft bedrock, dozens of steel pipe piles with diameters of 1,800 mm (71 in) and 2,500 mm (98 in), supplied from Europe, were driven more than 30 m (98 ft) deep into the ground using a hydraulic hammer. The two steel supporting towers are 65 m (213 ft) high. Each rests on a nine-pile group while for the side supports four- or five-pile groups were built.

The 12.6-metre-wide (41 ft) bridge carries two railway tracks between two 4.4-metre-wide (14 ft) sidewalks at a height of 13 m (43 ft) above sea level. The deck is a 4.45-metre-high (14.6 ft) box girder.

A station with a 180-metre-long (590 ft) platform, suitable for holding an 8-car train, is situated in the middle of the bridge. It extends across the full length of the main span, and is capped with a 90-metre-long (300 ft) canopy.

The metro line over the bridge is expected to transport around one million passengers daily.

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