Atatürk Bridge (Atatürk Köprüsü), formerly known as Unkapanı Bridge, is a bridge connecting the historical peninsula in Istanbul to the Beyoğlu side. It connects Unkapanı Küçükpazar district of Fatih and Azapkapı districts of Beyoğlu. It is located next to the Golden Horn Metro Bridge and is the continuation of Atatürk Boulevard, which starts from Aksaray district and goes to Unkapanı.

Unkapanı Bridge was first built in 1836, during the reign of the thirtieth Ottoman Sultan Mahmut the Second, using entirely wooden materials.

It was named “Hayratiye Bridge” by the public because no toll was required for bridge crossings, unlike usual. Another name, depending on the district, was Jewish Bridge.

The responsibility for the construction of the bridge, which was built on wooden pontoons and given the ability to swim, was given to Ahmed Fevzi Pasha; It was four hundred meters long and ten meters wide.

The fourth and current bridge, renamed the Atatürk Bridge, was constructed between 1936 and 1940. It is 477 metres (1,565 feet) long and 25 metres (82 feet) wide.

In 2022 the Unkapanı access area was completely remodelled to allow the extension of the T5 tram from Alibeyköy to be extended from Cibali to Eminönü.

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