GMZ-2: Soviet tracked minelayer

GMZ-2 (obyect 118-2) is a second-generation Soviet tracked minelayer, created to replace the GMZ-1. GMZ-2 was adopted by the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the USSR in 1970. Designed for mechanized anti-tank mining during the battle. Mining is carried out on the ground surface without camouflage or in the ground (snow) with camouflage.

Manufacturer: Uraltransmash (Ekaterinburg, USSR)

In service: 1970—

Engine: V-105-V (diesel)

Engine characteristics: 12 cylinders; 38 880 cm³

Power: 400 HP

Max speed: 63 km/h

Fuel consumption: 190 l/100 km

Range: 350 km

Weight: 27 t

Artillery Museum (Petrograd DistrictSt. Petersburg)

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