This is my second contest in Andorra. It’s always a high level, says Federica Brignone, winner of the FIS Ski World Cup SUPER-G in Andorra

brignone_federicaSkier from Italy Federica Brignone won the World Cup in SUPER-G in Grandvalira, Andorra (Pyrenees).

She got the first result (57.33 seconds), ahead of the athlete from the United States Ross Laurenne +0.13 seconds and the Austrian skier Tippler Tamara (+0,37).

She tells about her impressions and life style:

Interview : Irina Rybalchenko

Were you expecting a victory today?

No, absolutely not. This year I have constantly been in the Top 10 in the Super G, but honestly, I was looking to come in the TOP 5. I’ve been on a podium for GS (Giant Slalom) many times, but this is my first time on a podium for Super G.

How does it feel?

It’s crazy, I can’t believe it!

How did your professional sports career start? You’re from a sporty family, aren’t you?

Yes, my mother was a ski champion but I was not supposed to be a skier. I just enjoyed my life and scores. My parents took me to do everything when I was young – school events, competitions and so on. My professional ski career only began in 2009.

Do you think you will get used to appearing on the podium? Does the feeling of victory ever become ‘normal’?

It’s always different! You can never get used to it.

What do you think about the organization of the world cup in Andorra?

This is my second time in Andorra. It’s always a high level. The organisation is really good. I like this place.

Was the technical infrastructure of the ski slopes at a high enough standard for you?

Yes, GS and Super G slopes are pretty good. Honestly, for Super G I expected more. I mean today the first part of slope was closed off. For me it was not good, it was flat. The second part was much better.

What about the snow quality? There was a snowfall during the contest…

The snow was pretty tough but the quality was good.

What does the concept of discipline mean to you? How do you prepare yourself for contests?

I am an athlete every day and every year. I behave like an athlete. I train every day. I do what I have to do. I try to do my best every day. I have fun, I have my space, I have free time and I have my friends. This is good for your mind.

Do you follow a strict sports diet?

No, I am a skier, but I eat what I want. I prefer vegetables and healthy food. But I love desserts…

What’s your favorite one?

Gelato. I make it by myself at home. I love cooking!

Are there any technical secrets to your success or do you believe it’s mainly having good reactions and being in good physical form?

I like to be competitive and I want to succeed. I feel good when I wear my skis and my feet automatically know how to turn and where to turn – that’s why I think I’m good.

What other sports do you like?

Tennis, climbing, surfing and golf as well as pilates and athletics. I do some type of sport every day so I like to keep changing to keep it interesting.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would definitely like to continue doing sports. I think I will continue skiing for the rest of my life but in 10 years I won’t be competing anymore. In a few years my body will feel like it’s ready to live another life but I will always behave like an athlete.

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