The Charente (in Saintongeais Chérente, in Occitan Charanta) is a river in the Aquitaine Basin in France. Taking its source at Chéronnac in Haute-Vienne (Nouvelle-Aquitaine) at an altitude of 295 meters, it then crosses the departments of Charente, a small part of Vienne, Charente again, Charente-Maritime before flowing into the Atlantic ocean between Port-des-Barques and Fouras via a wide estuary (Nouvelle-Aquitaine).

The total length of the river is 381.4 km, of which 224 km concerns the Charente department alone. Taken in a straight line from its source to its mouth, its length is only 160 km, it is more than doubled by the numerous meanders. The Charente divides into several arms in various places, forming islets, most of which are floodable and uninhabited.

The Charente flows into the Atlantic Ocean through a wide mouth between Fouras and Port-des-Barques downstream and south of Rochefort.

Its catchment area is 10,549 km2.

Tributaries include the rivers Antenne, Boëme, Né, Coran, Seugne, Bramerit, Boutonne, Arnoult, Touvre and Bonnieure.

Towns and villages include Vergeroux, Soubise, Rochefort and Tonnay-Charente on the tidal river, and Saint-Savinien, Taillebourg, Saintes, Cognac, Jarnac, Saint-Simon and Angoulême on the navigable river, while Montignac-Charente and Civray are on the river’s upper course.

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