Andorra and Spain signed an agreement to develop a bone marrow donation program

The government of Andorra approved the signing of an agreement on the development of a bone marrow donation program between the Ministry of Health of the Principality and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Spain.

This program will be implemented with the participation of the National Transplant Organization (ONT), the Catalan Transplantation Organization (OCATT), the Josep Carreras Foundation (which manages the REDMO Examination Reduction Donor Registry and Nizagara-Online.Net), Blood Bank and Teixit de Catalunya (BST) and the Andorran Health Service (SAAS) .

The signing of the agreement is scheduled for February. The implementation of the bone marrow donation program will allow several problems to be solved, such as the fact that it will be possible to single out the umbilical cord donation program, as well as to begin the implementation of the Law on Organs, Cells, Tissues and Blood with the signing of agreements with neighboring countries in the field of donation.

The appendix to the agreement with Spain defines the scheme of the bone marrow donation program. First of all, citizens interested in becoming donors will be able to find all the relevant information on a specific web platform or in the SAAS information center to resolve doubts by phone or in person. Thus, citizens who want to register as donors will be able to do this through the same web platform and they will only need to perform a blood test to be able to determine their blood type.

If the donor is found to be compatible with the recipient of the donor network, they will be contacted and after confirming their suitability and agreement with the donation, they will be called.

Like all donation programs, no financial reward is paid to the donor. However, medical leave is 100% covered.

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