Chrysler Windsor DeLuxe Six-Passenger Sedan, six cylinders, 4106 cc

The Chrysler Windsor is a full-size car which was built by Chrysler from 1939 through to the 1960s. The final Chrysler Windsor sold in the United States was produced in 1961, but production in Canada continued until 1966. The Canadian 1961 to 1966 Windsor model was for all intents and purposes the equivalent of the Chrysler Newport in the United States.

The Windsor was almost identical to the more luxurious Chrysler New Yorker in terms of size, interior and standard features except that it was only available with the Chrysler Straight Six that originally started the company in 1925, which offered customers a luxurious car with a more modest and economic engine. As the years progressed and technology and manufacturing costs improved, the Windsor offered items that were initially optional as standard equipment while maintaining a market position lower in the Chrysler product hierarchy.


In 1949, for Chrysler’s 25th anniversary, Windsors were updated and shared a corporate appearance with the all-new Chrysler Imperial sedan along with the limousine as the top luxury car for Chrysler in 1950. New this year was a padded dashboard with sponge rubber for safety while the Windsor continued to offer only a six cylinder engine which was shared with DeSoto, Dodge and Plymouth products. The 1949 through 1952 Chryslers continued the Highlander trimmed cars which added an interior trimmed in a tartan fabric and leather, available on all bodies except the station wagon. The Highlanders came with most options standard, including full wheel covers and radio.

In 1950, the Windsor Traveler Sedan which had a standard equipment roof rack installed continued until the Town & Country was added to the Windsor product line. The Windsor still had full instrumentation. The “Windsor Newport” hardtop coupe bodystyle, seating six and with a three-piece wraparound rear window was new for the year and reserved for the Windsor and New Yorker.

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