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Andorra – is the state with the population about 70 thousand people and annually it attracts up to 8 million tourists. Due to its geographical position Andorra is literally clamped from all directions by Pyrenees. Now it is possible to reach Andorra only the motor transport from Spain or France – two states with which Andorra has the mutual borders.

Bus service of Andorra to the nearest international airports of the Spanish Barcelona and the French Toulouse is rather well comfortable, but because of conflicting flights and bus schedules your expectation of a bus at the airport can drag on for many hours.

Booking a cab transfer to Andorra – is the best way to get to Andorra

What are the main advantages? Having made the order in any licensed company in advance, you can be sure that you will be served with the clean, modern and comfortable car accurately according to your wishes.

1. You go to Andorra as a ski tourist with much of ski equipment? Expectation of the bus with it at the airport within 2-3 hours after many hours-long flight gives a special inconvenience. Solution of the problem – is to book a transfer so a driver meets you in airport the exact time your plane lands.

2. You booked hotel in Andorra, which is situated far from the central bus station of Andorra of la Vella where all international bus routes arrive? You get an expensive taxi that seriously increases the cost of your bus transfer to Andorra. Solution of a problem – is to book a transfer so a driver meets you in airport and provides you with “door -to – door” transfer by fixed price.

3. You come to Barcelona or Toulouse and you find out, what the unexpected strike of taxi drivers and drivers of public transport happened? In Spain and France they happen rather frequently. This problem can make you unplanned book of a hotel in Barcelona or Toulouse. Solution of a problem – is to book a transfer so a driver meets you in airport and provides you with “door – to – door” transfer by fixed price.

4. By booking a transfer with a car chosen by you, you guarantee yourself clean, prepared for this trip car, but not a taxi which is incidentally caught at the airport. In case your trip happens at “high ski season”, you will also relieve yourself from a neighbourhood with 60 loud passengers of the bus within 3 hours.

5. If you travel with the child, booking of a transfer is also extremely actual for you. You can book children’s seats in advance and choose the corresponding car by its size. If you are an aged  person – booking a car which fits you best – is the possible way to relieve yourself of inconveniences of public transport

6. If you travel with a company of 5-8 people, you can seriously save your money even on bus tickets. Booking of a minibus ideally suites the situation.

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