The French tramway Ecully Type from 1899

The Société Anonyme du Tramway d’Écully (STE) was founded in 1894 to build and operate a metric-gauge electric traction tramway between the Vaise district of Lyon and the commune of Écully.

The service of the commune of Écully imposes the use of an electric traction tram, that because of the difference in level which exists between the valley of the Saône and this commune.

Thus was founded in 1894, the Écully tramway limited company by Mr. Claude Gindre1.

For electrical equipment and rolling stock, an agreement has been established between Mr. Claude Gindre, Chairman of the STE and the Compagnie de l’industrie Electrique, based in Geneva.

On July 1, 1899, the company disappeared in the merger with the Lyon omnibus and tram company (OTL).

The OTL company operates the three lines of the network under numbers 19 (Pont Mouton – Ecully), 20 (Pont Mouton – Saint Cyr) and 21 (Pont Mouton – Champagne). The junction going from Pont d’Écully to Trois-Renards in the town of Tassin is integrated into line 5 (Bellecour – Pont d’Écully) and constitutes its extension.

The network was extended by extending the line from Champagne to Limonest opened in 1904. A new line was created to serve Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d’Or. It is number 22 (Pont Mouton – Saint Didier au Mont d’Or).

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