The blue Mercedes-Benz 180 Ponton (W120) from 1953

The blue Mercedes-Benz 180 Ponton from 1953, 1767 cc, 39 HP, max. speed 110 km/h.

The Mercedes-Benz W120 and Mercedes-Benz W121 are technically similar inline-four cylinder sedans made by Daimler-Benz. The W120 was first introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 1953. Powered initially by the company’s existing 1.8 liter M136 engine, it was sold as the Mercedes-Benz 180 through 1962.

From 1954, Mercedes-Benz also offered the W120 with a diesel engine as the Mercedes-Benz 180 D. The Mercedes-Benz W121 was introduced as the Mercedes-Benz 190 in 1956, powered by a 1.9 liter M121 engine. From 1958, the W121 was also offered with an OM621 engine, sold as the Mercedes-Benz 190 D through 1961.

The W120 was nicknamed the Ponton (along with other Mercedes models) after its introduction, because it employed Ponton, or pontoon styling, a prominent styling trend that unified a car’s previously articulated hood, body, fenders and running boards into a singular envelope.

Together with the longer wheelbase and more luxurious 2.2 liter inline-six cylinder W128 model 220, they constituted 80% of Mercedes-Benz’ car production between 1953 and 1959.

The W120 was the first predecessor to the medium size Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan line.

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