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On 31st October Andorra will celebrate its official holiday – the day of chestnut (la Castanyada)

La Castanyada—a national holiday of Catalonia (the day of chestnut) is widely celebrated in Andorra. The name of the holiday derives from the word castanya—that is translated as “chestnut”. Chestnuts can be bought here on Allhallow Day Eve (Tots Sants) that coincides with a second popular Halloween—at night from October 31 till November 1. On …

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Cooking chestnuts. A classic recipe for roasting chestnuts in Andorra on the grill during the national holiday “La Castanyada”

Cooking chestnuts

How to cook chestnuts:

La Castanyada or Chestnut Day (October 31st) is a national holiday in Catalonia and Andorra, so Andorrans know how to cook chestnuts well.

Since the Middle Ages, chestnuts have been roasted over open fires in large braziers, filling the air with a sweetish, smoky smell. They are typically eaten with …