SFV 202 tractor. Green version

SFV or Societe Française de Materiel Agricole et Industriel de Vierzon was a French builder of tractors of the German Lanz Hot Bulb Engine design. The facory was situated in the city of Vierzon (Cher department).

The companies origin goes back to 1847 building farm machinery, and moved into the Steam engine business in 1861. By 1931 they built a “Vierzon” gasoline tractor, of a Hot-Bulb design. This was a 50/55 hp design and was followed by several smaller models until 1957. The name Vierzon was dropped after WWII and the restyled versions marketed as “SFV”. In 1048 production was about 170 per month with 5000 machines of all types built in 1955.

By the mid-fities they were in decline, and Case Corporation (USA) bought a share of the company. Models were redesigned, but sales still fell. The firm went under in the 1960s. Some Case tractors for the French market were built in the factor at one stage.

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