Orange Allgaier tractor from 1952. Germany, two cylinders, 22 HP

The Allgaier AP22 tractor was built in Germany by Allgaier. It features a 22 hp (16 kW) engine.

The Allgaier Group is a systems supplier for the international automotive industry, including production of body panel dies as well as forming technology involving the production of pressed components and ready-to-fit components. The second pillar of the Allgaier Group is machinery and apparatus engineering for process technology. Allgaier produces and deliver systems worldwide for screening, drying/cooling, washing and sorting to companies in the bulk goods processing industry. The company currently has about 1880 people, a good two thirds of whom work at the headquarters in Uhingen. The Allgaier Group includes production and sales companies in Germany, Spain, Sweden and other countries, as well as agencies in all major industrial countries of the world.

In 2011, Allgaier and Mogensen combined companies to create ALMO Process Technology. ALMO Process Technology is the North American Sales and Service division for Allgaier Process, Mogensen, Gosag, and ALMO Engineering – All part of the Allgaier-Group. Their office is located in West Chester, Ohio. This company also carries Mogensen screeners, Allgaier screeners, Allgaier dryers and coolers and Gosag/ALMO washing systems.

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