Nissan 300ZX Turbo tourisme coupe (Z31): grey color from 1986

Nissan 300ZX Turbo tourisme coupe: grey color from 1986

The Nissan 300ZX is a sports car that was produced across two different generations. As with all other versions of the Z, the 300ZX was sold within the Japanese domestic market under the name Fairlady Z.

It was sold in Japan from 1983 to 2000 and in the United States from 1984 to 1996, the 300ZX name followed the numerical convention initiated with the original Z car, the Nissan Fairlady Z (S30), which was marketed in the U.S. as the 240Z.

The addition of the “X” to the car’s name was a carryover from its predecessor, the 280ZX, to signify the presence of more luxury and comfort oriented features. The first generation 300ZX known as the Z31 model was produced from 1983 through 1989 and was a sales success becoming the highest volume Z-car for Nissan.


The Z31 chassis designation was first introduced in Japan on September 16, 1983, as the Fairlady Z. Designed by Kazumasu Takagi and his team of developers, the Z31 improved aerodynamics and increased power when compared to its predecessor, the 280ZX. The newer Z-car had a drag coefficient of 0.30 and was powered by Japan’s first mass-produced V6 engine instead of the inline-sixes of the previous Z-cars. According to Nissan, the new V6 engine was intended to uphold the sporty, six-cylinder spirit of the original Fairlady Z, but in a more compact and efficient package.

Unlike its predecessors, the Z31 primarly featured the new “VG” V6 engine, which was Japan’s first 60 degree V6. This engine was found in the 200Z/ZS/ZG, 300ZX and 300ZR trims, from 2.0L to 3.0L.

However, there was one more model available, which would be the last Z-car to use a inline-six cylinder engine; the Fairlady Z 200ZR, of which roughly 8,283 were produced between 1985 and 1988. 200ZR’s came in two trims; 200ZR-I (base model with the ‘slicktop roof,’ crank windows, A/C, base model creature comforts, and only with a manual transmission), and 200ZR-II (t-top roof, more electronic options, and available with an optional automatic transmission).

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