Multi-industry fair ExpoBages Promotion 2019 (ExpoBages-Ascension), Manresa

Multi-industry fair ExpoBages Promotion 2019 (ExpoBages-Ascension), Manresa, SpainCatalonia (17-19th May)

ExpoBages-Ascension is a multi-industry fair in the Catalan city of Manresa, which traditionally gathers a huge number of visitors. In 2019, the fair is held on May 17, 18 and 19.

The fair takes place on the central streets of the city, which are divided into sectors: gastronomic shops, craft shops, huge exhibition areas for car sales, as well as stands advertising sports goods, products, services, including tourism.

As part of the fair, cultural and entertainment events take place: performances of dance groups, wine tasting, seminars and games for children. These days, Manresa is the perfect place to relax with the whole family.


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