Mogrovejo – a Historic Site

Mogrovejo is a town in the municipality of Camaleño (Cantabria, Spain).

Mogrovejo is located 460 meters above sea level in the Picos de Europa national park, perched on a plain within the Liébana valley in front of the Ándara massif.

Since 2019 the city has been a part of the network The most beautiful towns in Spain.

The town was awarded as “Town of Cantabria 2017”.

Tourism and main attractions

Mogrovejo has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest and a Historic Site. It houses mansions of ashlar masonry, with wrought iron balconies, from the 16th-18th centuries, some within large plots fenced with high walls and monumental entrances.

They stand out:

Mogrovejo Tower.

Parish church dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, from the (17th century), with a Baroque altar, a 16th century crucifix and an image called La Milagrosa, Gothic-Flemish from the 15th century.

Mansion of Vicente de Celis, with a coat of arms of Estrada. It dates from the 16th century, as well as several other baroque mansions.

The only barn (hórreo) in town.

How to get to?

Nearest airport is in Santander.

From Santander 1 hr 49 min (117 km) via A-8 and N-621

From Madrid 4 hr 59 min (432 km) via A-6

Main information

Area: 2 km²

Coordinates: 43°08′47″N 4°42′32″W

Population: 44

Languages: Spanish

Currency: Euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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