Mercedes-Benz Typ 320 (Works number W142/II) 1937–1938

Mercedes-Benz Type 320 from 1938, 3185 cc, 78 HP, max. speed 126 km/h

Mercedes-Benz Typ 320 (Works number W142/II) 1937–1938

Longer-bodied cars came with an extra 420 mm (16.5 in) of wheelbase, and Mercedes-Benz offered a choice from a wide range of standard body options for the longer cars.

Customers happy to make their own arrangements in respect of bodywork could buy a longer-wheelbase W142 in base chassis form at the manufacturer’s listed price of 6,800 Marks, or 300 Marks more than the price of the shorter chassis.

The entry level model with a Mercedes-Benz body included in the price was the four-door ”Limousine” (sedan/saloon) at 8,950 Marks.

There were no fewer than four cabriolet-bodied versions of the longer-wheelbase car offered, being a two-door 2/3-seater (“Cabriolet A”), a two-door 4-seater with four side-windows (“Cabriolet B”), a four-door 4-seater (“Cabriolet D”) and a very substantial-looking four-door 6-seater with three rows of seats (“Pullman-Cabriolet F”).

Other soft-topped standard-bodied versions were a Torpedo-bodied 6-seater “Tourenwagen” and a sporty 2-seater Roadster. There was also a six-seater “Pullman-Limousine” with three rows of seats and six side windows under a conventional steel roof.

The rear seat of the Pullman-bodied cars was above the back axle, and an extra luggage locker at the back left the overall length of the Pullman-Limousine at 5,250 mm (207 in), still using the 3,300 mm (130 in) wheelbase.

The highest listed price for a Mercedes-Benz-bodied W142 was 14,500 Marks for a “Stromlinien-Limousine” featuring a strikingly modern exceptionally streamlined steel body.

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