Ménerbes is a commune located in the Vaucluse department, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region (France). Its inhabitants are called the Ménerbiens.

Built on a rocky spur of the Luberon, between Oppède to the west and Lacoste to the east, Ménerbes benefits from the label granted by the association – The Most Beautiful Villages of France.

The village of Ménerbes and its citadel were the site of a major battle between Huguenots and Catholics, called the siege de Ménerbes, which lasted from 1573 to 1578 during the French Wars of Religion.

Tourism and main attractions

The town of Ménerbes is quite rich in monuments:

  • Le Castelet, a small castle built on the ruins of an ancient fortress.

  • The richly decorated Saint-Luc church from the 14th century.
  • Abbey church of the priory of Saint-Hilaire de Ménerbes.

  • The belfry and its campanile.
  • The Saint-Blaise chapel from the 18th century with its decorated and carved wooden ceiling.
  • Beautiful residences dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
  • The citadel, from the 13th century (rebuilt in the 16th century then in the 19th century), played an important role during the Wars of Religion.
  • At the foot of the village, there is the Corkscrew Museum with more than 1,000 pieces.

  • At the foot of the road to Bonnieux, the Pihouno dolmen, identified in 1850 by Abbot André, classified as a historic monument since January 22, 1910.

  • Between Ménerbes and Lacoste, on the hillside and facing the Luberon, Saint-Hilaire Abbey, classified as a historic monument, the first Carmelite convent building (13th century) in Comtat Venaissin.
  • Ten oratories.
  • The Saint-Augustin mill.

Shortest distances by car

From Paris: 7 hr 19 min (720 km) via A6 and A7

From Toulouse: 3 hr 54 min (367 km) via A61 and A9

From Marseille: 1 hr 34 min (90.3 km) via A7

From Monaco: 3 hr 7 min (271 km) via A8

From Andorra: 5 hr 43 min (457 km) via A9

From Madrid: 10 hr 52 min (1,072 km) via A-2

From Moscow: 33 hr (3,229 km) via E30/M1

From Belgrade: 16 hr 17 min (1,499 km) via E70 and A4

From Istanbul: 27 hr (2,448 km) via A4

From Bern: 5 hr 42 min (558 km) via A1

Main information

Area: 30,27 km2

Population: 979

Coordinates: 43°50′00″N 5°12′26″E

Language: French, Provençal

Currency: Euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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