Mathis TY Cabriolet from 1932 with four cylinders, 1226 cc, 5 HP. Max. speed: 70 km/h

Mathis S.A. was an automobile manufacturer in Alsace (France) that produced cars between 1910 and 1950. Founder Émile Mathis (1880–1956) was born in Strasbourg and died in Geneva.

Émile Mathis was a leading car dealer in Strasbourg, Alsace, handling Fiat, De Dietrich and Panhard-Levassor, among other makes from his Auto-Mathis-Palace.

Two models were designed for him by the young Ettore Bugatti.

Made at his Graffenstaden factory he marketed them under the brand Hermes with 28, 40, or 98 hp engines. They were Mercedes-like cars with chain drives. Designer and racing-driver Dragutin Esser then created two cars of 2025 cc and 2253 cc which were built under license from Stoewer.

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