Irizar i6

Irizar i6 from 2017

The Irizar i6 is a versatile high-end coach, ideal for commuter and touring services. It stands out due to its features, design, aerodynamics, attention to detail and comfort.

Irizar’s identifying symbols make it unmistakable as a safe, reliable and profitable coach. Driving it is a special experience, and travelling in it is a true pleasure.

The structure of the Irizar i6 has been designed taking into consideration the vehicle’s resistance to frontal collision and roll-overs, complying with the R66.01 safety regulation.

The structural strength and torsional rigidity have been improved, as well as the load and weight distribution, providing greater driving stability.

It offers a more spacious and ergonomic driving position, with integrated dashboard screens for all the driver’s functions.

Irizar i6S from 2020

Country: Spain

Years of production: 2012—

Capacity: 59 passengers

Length: 10 780 mm

Height: 3 731 mm

Width: 2 550 mm

Power: 510 HP

Max speed: 120 km/h

Fuel consumption: 26 l/100 km

Weight: 19,000 kg

Irizar Group is a Spanish-based manufacturer of luxury buses and coaches. Established in 1889, the company is located in Ormaiztegi in the Basque Country, Spain. With a commercial presence in over 90 countries, its turnover exceeded 600 million euros in 2017.

It is the market-leading builder of coach vehicle bodies in Spain (with a market share of over 40%), and ranks second in Europe, its coach bodies being available in many parts of the world. Apart from its main plant in the Basque Country, which produces around 1400 bodies per year, Irizar also has factories in other countries: in Skhirat (Morocco), Botucatu (Brazil), Querétaro (México) and Centurion (South Africa). Together they have a production of over 3,500 bodies and integral vehicles per year. The Irízar group also owns Hispacold, which makes air conditioning systems for coaches, and Masats, makers of automated bus and coach doors and ramps.

Apart from its own integral vehicles range, Irizar works especially closely with Scania, having jointly designed the i4 body. Irizar bodies can also be found on other manufacturers’ platforms, such as Iveco, MAN, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

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