French Sénéchal Biplace Sport Type SS from 1925

French Sénéchal Biplace Sport Type SS from 1925, four cylinders, 969 cc, 32 HP, 105 km/h.

Sénéchal was a French automobile manufacturer between 1921 and 1929. Robert Sénéchal (1892-1985) was a racing driver, an aviation pioneer and an industrialist.

He was also the grandfather of the journalist and motor-sport innovator Patrick Zaniroli.

In 1921 Sénéchal founded the automotive business that bore his name at Courbevoie. The origins of the business went back to the “Eclair” cyclecar business in which Sénéchal had briefly been involved.

Sénéchal was himself a celebrity in the automotive world, and his cycle cars were an immediate success.

It was impossible to satisfy demand for the vehicles from the manufacturer’s small premises at Courbevoie, and Sénéchal therefore negotiated a deal with Chenard & Walcker, who had no model of their own in the cyclecar class and from 1923 agreed to take on the manufacturing of the Sénéchal models.

As the economy grew the cyclecar boom that had driven the earlier “Eclair” and “Sénéchal” businesses, and Sénéchal moved up a notch to become a producer of light cars in the voiturette class.

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