French Georges Richard Vis-A-Vis from 1894, one cylinder, 1140 cc, 5.5 HP

Georges Richard (1863–1922) was a French racing driver and automobile industry pioneer.

His first automobile manufacturing business, “Société des Anciens Établissements Georges Richard”, was founded in the North-Paris suburb of “Ivry-Port” in 1897 by Georges Richard and his brother Maxime Richard.

Originally copying Benz cars of the era, Richard bought a licence, in 1900, from the Belgian Vivinus to build voiturettes. By 1905, however, there had been a parting of the ways with Henri Brasier (who had become Richard’s business partner in 1901). Georges Richard moved on to create in 1905 or 1906 a new automobile company called Société anonyme des automobiles Unic

During the 1890s George Richard and his elder brother, Félix-Maxime[1] worked in a bicycle repair and manufacturing business. The business flourished and the brothers created a company which they called “Société des Cycles Georges Richard”. It is here, as far back as 1893, that we find the first reference to Richard producing and selling motor cars.

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