French Ballot Berline Type RH3 from 1930, eight cylinders, 3049 cc, 68 HP, 125 km/h

Ballot was a French manufacturer, initially of engines, that also made automobiles between 1919 and 1932. Édouard Ballot became well known as a designer of reliable engines. He helped Ettore Bugatti in developing his first engines.

The Ballot brothers, Édouard and Maurice, founded their company at the Boulevard Brune in south-central Paris in 1905. Édouard Ballot was a former naval officer, which explains the “anchor” that featured in the badges on the cars.

Before World War I the factory concentrated on marine and industrial engines, and from 1910 or 1911 they also offered automobile engines.

The company was re-founded as Etablissements Ballot SA in 1910.

Main models

2LS: sports car, 4-cylinder 1944 cc, twin-overhead-camshaft, 4-valves-per-cylinder engine
2LT: tourer, single-cam variant of the 2LS
2LTS: variant of the 2LT, with higher-tuned engine
RH: introduced in 1927 with 8-cylinder, single-overhead-cam, 2874 cc engine
RH3: 1929–1932, RH with 3049 cc engine.
HS26: model introduced after the Hispano-Suiza takeover, also known as the Hispano-Suiza Junior, 4580 cc six-cylinder engine

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