Free entrance is the philosophy of the Automobile Museum of Provence, says museum owner Pierre Dellier

Free entrance is the philosophy of the Automobile Museum of Provence, says museum owner Pierre Dellier

Automobile Museum of Provence (le Musée Automobile de Provence) is a famous place among lovers of vintage cars. Seminars and other cultural events are often held here, where those who share this common passion gather. The museum presents the centuries-old history of automobiles, as well as some unique motorcycles, bicycles, toys, vintage posters and other unusual items. Museum owner Pierre Dellière told us about the history of the museum and its philosophy:

“The Automobile Museum in Provence was created in 1967 by my father, a mechanic by profession, in love with vintage cars and motorcycles. He was an avid collector, and one day he ran out of space in his own garage, filled with the first collectibles. He decided to buy another garage bigger (the address of the museum is 379 route d’Avignon, Orgon, France), and created a museum here.

I inherited the museum when I was 31 and continued my father’s work. In total, today I have over 30 cars in my collection—both inside and outside. Plus, some motorcycles, bicycles, vintage posters and posters.

Personally, I am passionate about pre-war cars (1930-40), such as Bugatti, Amlicar, etc. I also have vintage three-wheeled cars in my collection.

Here you can also find the bicycle of Mr. Bugatti himself—a unique exhibit created personally for him in 1938. There is also another bicycle, made by himself in 1942.

Continuing the theme, the museum houses the bicycle of Raymond Poulidor, a French cyclist who entered the cycling legend as the “eternal second prize winner” of the Tour de France. His amazing career spanning over a quarter of a century has earned him wide acclaim and a number of great victories, including the 1964 Tour of Spain. But he will always be remembered for the Tour de France races he never won …

The collection you see here is years of searching. This is a century old story!

The museum has a small shop selling many antiques: clothes, accessories, toys.

The entrance to the museum is free. If you like, this is the philosophy of the museum. About eight years ago, we opened a cafe next to the museum, where parties and concerts are regularly held. There is also a library there. And today it is the cafe that gives life to the museum.

Irina Rybalchenko

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