The Fouga Zéphyr (company designation CM.175) was a 1950s French two-seat carrier-capable jet trainer for the French Navy. It was developed from the land-based CM.170 Magister. The Zéphyr was retired in 1994.

The French Navy’s Aéronavale adopted a derivative of the Fouga CM.170-1 Magister as a basic trainer for carrier operations. Originally designated CM-170M Esquif, the prototype first flew on 31 July 1956, and was redesignated as the CM.175 Zéphyr soon after. Carrier trials were conducted from HMS Eagle (R05) and HMS Bulwark (R08) off the French coast in August 1957 and March 1958.

The Zéphyr differed from the Magister in being equipped with an arrester hook and a modified structure and undercarriage strengthened for carrier operations. The Zéphyr also included a nose-mounted light. As it did not have ejection seats, the Zéphyr had new sliding canopy hoods which could be locked open during carrier launchings and landings. One six-round rocket pod could be mounted under each wing for weapons training. Two guns could be fitted in the nose, but these were seldom carried. Thirty-two aircraft were delivered.

First flight: 1956

Crew: 2 pilots

Motor: 2 x Turbomeca Marbore II

Max. speed: 650 km/h

Ceiling: 8 200 m

Fouga (also known as Air Fouga) was a French manufacturing company established by Gaston Fouga at Béziers during 1920. Originally specialising in the repair of railway rolling stock, the firm eventually became most noted for the aircraft it produced from its woodworking facilities at Aire-sur-l’Adour.

The most successful product to be created by Fouga was the CM.170 Magister, a postwar jet-powered military trainer aircraft derived from the firm’s experiences with sailplanes. Many of its features, such as its slender tapering wings, reflecting the company’s sailplane heritage. During May 1958, Fouga was acquired by rival French aircraft manufacturer Potez; the company’s former facilities at Toulouse continue to produce aircraft as a part of the multinational Airbus Group.

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