Ford Ranchero Sixth generation 500 GT Pick-up. Blue version

In 1972, a radical change occurred in the Torino and Ranchero lines. The sleek, pointy look of the previous year’s model was replaced with a larger, heavier design. Most prominent was a wide semioval grille reminiscent of a jet intake and a new body-on-frame design. Three models were still available; the now-standard 500, the new Squire with simulated woodgrain “paneling” along the flanks, and the sporty GT.

Engine choices remained basically the same beginning with the 250 cubic-inch six-cylinder and a selection of V8s that ranged from the standard 302 to Cleveland and Windsor series 351s, plus the new-for-1972 400. The 385-series V8 was still available.

Made in USA

Years of production: 1972-1976

Engine: 6 cylinders; 4097 cc

Power: 101 HP

Max speed: 205 km/h

Weight: 1450 kg

Route 66 (Petersburg)

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