Darracq B11 from 1912 with four cylinders (2100 cc). Max. speed: 50 km/h. Made in France

Automobiles Darracq France was a manufacturer of motor vehicles and aero engines in Suresnes, near Paris. The enterprise, known at first as A Darracq et Cie, was founded in 1896 by successful businessman Alexandre Darracq.

In 1902 he sold his new business to a privately held English company named A Darracq and Company Limited, taking a substantial shareholding and a directorship himself. He continued to run the business from Paris but was obliged to retire to the Côte d’Azur in 1913 following years of difficulties that brought his business into very hazardous financial circumstances.

He had introduced an unproven unorthodox engine in 1911 which proved a complete failure yet he neglected Suresnes’ popular conventional products. France then entered the first World War.

in 1916 ownership of the Suresnes business was transferred to Darracq S.A. In 1922 Darracq’s name was dropped from its products and this business was renamed Talbot S.A. Initially its products were branded Darracq-Talbot and then just Talbot.

The London parent company suffered a financial collapse during the great depression and in 1935 Talbot S.A. was acquired by investors led by managing director, Antonio Lago.

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