Chevrolet AC Open Tourer. Light brown color from 1929

The Chevrolet Series AC International is an American vehicle manufactured by Chevrolet in 1929 to replace the 1928 Series AB National. In all, 1,328,605 Series ACs were manufactured in a range of ten body styles, with 73,918 from Oshawa.

The Series AC was distinguished from the AB by the introduction of a new six-cylinder engine, the first Chevrolet with a six-cylinder since the 1915 Chevrolet Series C Classic Six. Advertised as “A Six for the price of a Four”, it was only $10 more than the outgoing four-cylinder Series AB ($170 in 2022 dollars).

To simplify production operations, each factory was designated one body style for national consumption and shipped by railroad to major American cities. The serial number of origin was relocated to the right body sill underneath the rubber floormat except for the roadster and phaeton, which were inscribed on the right side of seat frame. Prices listed started at US$525 for the roadster or phaeton ($8,947 in 2022 dollars) to US$725 for the Landau Convertible ($12,356 in 2022 dollars

Chevrolet AC Open Tourer. Light brown color from 1929

Weight: 1150 kg

Max. speed: 97 km/h

Engine: 3175 cc

Power: 46 HP

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