The Château de Saumur, originally built as a fort-castle and later developed as a living château, is located in the town of Saumur, on the Loire river in the Maine-et-Loire department, Pays de la Loire, France.

It was originally constructed in the 10th century by Theobald I, Count of Blois, as a fortified stronghold against Norman attacks.

Its white stone, medieval drum towers with machicolations and blue colored roof convey both a sense of power and romance directly from a fairytale.

In 1815, Château de Saumur changed ownership to the French Minister of War who designated its use as an arms and ammunition dump. Its use as a place of refuse remained unchanged until 1889. In 1906, the town of Saumur purchased the castle back from the state to serve as a municipal museum. Subsequent renovation work included restoration of rooms to their original sizes and reopening of staircases, fireplaces, windows, as well as addition of sculpted décor.

It was listed as a historical monument in 1862, and is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes-sur-Loire.

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Address: Esplanade Hubert-Landais, 49400 Saumur, France

GPS coordinates: 47°15′22″N 0°04′21″W

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