The Auzon river is a left tributary of the Ardèche river, which flows in the homonymous Ardèche department (Massif centralAuvergne-Rhône-AlpesFrance).

25.5 km long, it has its source on the Coiron plateau near the village of Freyssenet and Mirabel. From the Coiron, it waters the plain of Lussas then receives the Claduègne on the left bank (from the same massif) near the village of Saint-Germain and finally flows into the Ardèche (on the left bank) under the village bridge de Lanas at the end of a 26 kilometer journey.

Its lower course, downstream from Saint-Germain and up to its confluence with the Ardèche, is on karst terrain, which explains its frequent drying up on this section. A dam was erected on its upper course intended for the irrigation of the Lussas plain.

Like many rivers in the Ardèche department, the Auzon has a torrential flow and can have floods that are as brutal as they are devastating.

The Auzon crosses nine communes and two cantons:

Freyssenet, Darbres, Lussas, Mirabel, Lavilledieu, Saint-Germain, Vogüé, Saint-Maurice-d’Ardèche, Lanas (confluence).

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