I never know what the result will be until I finish my work, says Nina Rassen

Nina Rassen is a Russian artist and the founder of the “multidimensional bionics” art style. She participated in international exhibitions in Europe (Spain, France, Austria). In the summer, Nina’s works will be shown at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Madrid). Nina is an “alien princess” who represents the ancient princely family of the princes Serebryany-Obolensky and an artist who paints with her soul. We talked with Nina about her work and the peculiarities of her style.

Interview: Irina Rybalchenko 

Please tell us about the most interesting facts of your biography.

Let me ask you. Do you believe in the reincarnation of souls and that the soul is energy? Do you believe that the soul does not disappear but only changes its volume, state and body? So, a rather ancient soul lives in my body and ancient hereditary blood flows through my veins.

Some professionals in the art market have called me “native talent” and someone has called me “the reincarnation of Gaudi,” but I know that my soul is much older.

Before becoming an artist, I organized many events to support creative people who are looking for inspiration: artists, designers, musicians and writers. They were people of various creative professions and different social statuses. Among them were the homeless and descendants of the royal family.

Being the official representative of Rostislav Romanov III, who is a descendant of the imperial Romanov dynasty, I gained extensive diplomatic experience.

I am a person of the world. I was lucky to live both in exotic countries, such as Australia, and in Europe (France, Italy). In Spain, a large holding company entrusted me with brand management, but this is from another three-dimensional life that has remained in the past.

Do you have a professional art education?

I studied at the art school. But to this question, I would rather answer: “definitely not.” And as one of my friends, an academician, said: “Her talent was not spoiled by the classical school, so the ‘native talent’ is more valuable.” They, academicians, know better …

However, I was pleased to receive a letter of praise addressed to me from the Ministry of Culture of Russia. You know, sometimes you need someone to praise you because I never had any thoughts or plans to become an artist. I had a hard time getting used to this status.

From what age do you create paintings?

From early childhood. I often drew quietly and did not show anyone that I was drawing. I started to feel like an artist and draw in the same style as today, relatively recently.

What style do you work in? What is multidimensional bionics?

I work in a new style of “multidimensional bionics,” which I have founded. How it works on canvas is a complete mystery even to me. I’m just a tool. The universe draws with my hands, and I hold a brush and pick up paint. And I never know what the result will be until I finish my work. I paint directly on the canvas. I don’t make sketches.

“Multidimensional” means conducted in several dimensions, which can be considered and evaluated from different angles. Take any of my pictures, turn them over and you will get a completely different canvas.

“Bionics” is a term more common in architecture. The main method of architectural bionics is the method of functional analogies. It is based on a comparison of the principles and means of shaping wildlife and architecture.

To explain in simple human language—look at Gaudí’s houses. This is a prime example of bionics in architecture. The same method, I think, the Universe uses to communicate through my works, where a leaf can be a house, and a mushroom or a tree can be a tunnel or a bridge.

I paint with acrylics on canvas, although my last work “Pair of the World” was created on a huge wooden canvas. Pair of the World is probably one of my biggest and most expensive works to date. It’s a big triple challenge: mixing multidimensional bionics, making portraits of people and painting on wood. This is a museum work with a “complex frame.”

“Pair of the World”

What do you want to explain through your art?

I carry ancient or cosmic messages that our soul is eternal and has a memory or “soul DNA,” as they teach in some religions.

I have noticed that my paintings have a positive effect on people. Maybe alien codes for living and future people are stitched into them and maybe they contain important messages and star maps, which future generations will decipher one day.

What recent events in your life relate to the professional activity of the artist?

I was recently, so to speak, accepted as an artist in my historical homeland, Russia. I mean the Professional Union of Artists of Russia. I was also included in the unified rating of artists “Unified Register of Professional Artists of the Russian Empire, the USSR, the “Russian Abroad,” the Russian Federation and the Republics of the Former Soviet Union” (XVIII-XXI centuries).”

But my brain refused to accept it for a long time. I had to hang a framed diploma on the wall so that it constantly reminded me: “You are now a professional artist.”

How do you sell your paintings?

As I already said, I went “open air” with my work relatively recently. I previously didn’t want to show them to anyone. But then I published some on social media. Up to this point, my work has only been shown at closed fashion, private or diplomatic receptions.

Today I sell my work both online and through exhibition galleries, as well as during private visits to my temporary workshop. Negotiations are also underway with museums and there are several proposals from museums in England, Germany and Austria.

We also make posters or reproductions for fans who can’t afford the originals.

Please tell us about the exhibitions in which you have participated recently.

Of the most significant and relatively recent, I can name the international exhibition of contemporary art Art3F (Paris, Port of Versailles, France). It is curious that Galería de Arte (Galería Gaudi, Madrid), one of the oldest galleries in Europe, introduced me to this exhibition. Before this, Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid presented my work at the 25th-anniversary exhibition ART Innsbruck (Artfair Innsbruck, Austria).

There was a lot of feedback and many letters of recommendation. I don’t know how to praise myself, but the experts and the public, judging by their feedback, really liked my work.

There were also several collective exhibitions in Spain, in particular, last year in Madrid.

A large exhibition will be held at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid, where three of my works and one sculpture were selected.

What do you think about NFT technologies?

We are trying to launch a collection for NFT by Nina Rassen—this is a new fractal story. I think that NFT is a great opportunity to introduce my work to more people.

Here is what my like-minded people write: “An incredible and unique collection of visionary artist Nina Rassen, which gives the only experience of manifestation through the consciousness of interaction with various dimensions of space and time. Get ready for the ultimate journey and become the owner of the keys to total reality.”

Tell us about your plans.

I feel that a new history of art is being written in the world’s libraries and archives, for the good and for the preservation of the cultural heritage of all that is living and eternal.

I have always had the idea of creating a World Fund for Helping Talented People. Earlier we announced this at one of our charity events together with the ambassadors of our project, and many famous talented people supported us.

For myself, I have decided: part of the sales of my work will go to this fund. And this will provide an opportunity to help as many creative people as possible so that they will find their true “I” through art and inspiration.

I would also like my works not to disappear into unique private collections or be sold only at closed auctions, but to become available to ordinary people in their daily lives, for example, in the form of prints on clothes, posters in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and screensavers in gadgets, so that they please the eye and decorate everyday life.

In addition to my “alien” paintings, I work on a modern fairy tale “for posterity.” Jokingly, I call it a “historical esoteric epic.” Tentative working title: “Heiress of the Rassen family or chroniclers of an alien princess.” It is based on real and historical events, although this work rather comes to life only because of my dreams, which I write down in detail. I do not exclude the possibility of further screening of these “chroniclers”. This may be a ready-made future blockbuster, who knows …

Personal exhibitions


• Discovery of the Year / Gusyatnikoff — Moscow, Russia


• “Inspiration for Red” / “Red October” – Moscow, Russia


• Golden Unicorn / Langham Hotel – London, UK


• RM Fashion Inspiration / Znamenka — Moscow, Russia

Group exhibitions


• LOS PUENTES DEL SENA/ Galería Gaudí García de Paredes 76 28010 Madrid, Spain


• Art3f Paris – International Contemporary Art Fair / Paris Expo Porte de Versailles Pavillon 5 – Paris, France

• International collective exhibition / Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid, Madrid, Spain


• ART Innsbruck – International Contemporary Art Fair / INNSBRUCK – Innsbruck, Austria

Official catalogue: Art Fair Innsbruck (page 82, Van Gogh Art Gallery)


• Hermitage/Hotel Astoria – St. Petersburg, Russia


• RM and Romanov / ZHIRO Gallery — Moscow, Russia

Nina Rassen website: http://nina-rassen.com/

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