Albion A10 Mk.1

The famous Scottish firm of Albion is well known for its commercial vehicles, especially lorries and buses. Formed in 1899, it still exists today as a division of the American AAM group.

The A10 was one of the most common chassis used by the British Army in the First World War, and gained a fine reputation for strength and reliability: it was in production for over 16 years, with almost 6,600 produced in total.

This particular vehice, ordered as a chassis only in January 1917 (with the bodywork and X-ray equipment fitted later in England), presumably saw service in the conflict between the Allied forces and the Ottoman Empire. The vehicle operated in Turkey for some years after the war before going into storage and being restored.

Country: UK

Year: 1917

Engine: 4 cylinders; 5212 cc

Power: 32 HP

Max speed: 112 km/h

Rahmi M. Koç museum (Istanbul, Turkey)

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