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Caldea and INUU thermal SPA, Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra, Pyrenees

Water is one of natural resources of Andorra. Besides lakes and rivers, that head from here, there are sulfur rich thermal springs in Escaldes-Engordany. It is recommended to use these springs for therapeutic and cosmetology purposes in order to reestablish life forces, to release stress as well as for treatment and prophylaxis of rheumatism and skin diseases. There are many recreation centers in Andorra, they allow to take maximum advantage from your holiday any time of the year. After skiing and shopping there can’t be anything more relaxing than to spend several hours at Caldea, the biggest thermal center of Southern Europe.

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Being a monument of contemporary architecture, the complex was built in 1994 in accordance to the project of French architect Jean-Michelle Ruolle. Annually, the complex is attended by 360 000 persons. With the surface of 30 000 m2 at the height of 1100 meters Caldea presents a real oasis of Andorra; a thermal resort, where the interconnection of ancient civilizations with water is evidently visible. Caldea is the biggest center of mountain thermal waters in Europe. The temperature of thermal springs is 70%, waters are rich with sulfur, mineral salts, sodium as well with thermal plankton (its exclusive biological activity and favorable effect on human skin cells and their moisturizing determines a wide usage in cosmetology).

The composition of Caldea thermal waters:

NA 36 MG/L SO4 21 MG/L
CA 4.1 MG/L CL 6 MG/L
F 3.8 MG/L K 2 MG/L
SIO2 36 MG/L FE 0.1 MG/L
MG <0.1 MG/L AL 0.04 MG/L
MGNH4+ 0.1 MG/L

Caldea luxury spa is a life-giving effect of water in all its states: ice, steam and water under pressure. The complex is divided into several zones. Big internal lagoon: thermal water of 32-34C, the massage of the upper part of the back, water cascades, Jakuzzi with hydro-massage, steam masks for moisturizing facial skin and foot massage. External lagoon with mountain view: thermal waters of 32-34C, upright hydro-massage with “geyzer” in the center and waterfalls ,Jakuzzi at isolated area. A separate zone is dedicated to Indian and Roman thermaes: two bathes with thermal water of contrast temperature: 36C and 14C; Icelandic bathes (stimulates blood circulation by means of pieces of ice);

Sirocco bath (air corridor with warm air); Charcot’s douche: saunas with relaxing light and the temperature of 85C (favors toxins elimination and muscle strain relief); Turkish bath (hammam); “ice rain” (makes tonic effect after sauna and hammam); infrared rays (help retaining comfortable body temperature after contrast procedures as well as relaxing); relax zones and outdoor terraces. Any entrance ticket gives the right to use all these services. The maximum depth of pools is 1.30 m. From time to time internal lagoon turns into the stage, where water becomes the main character: in the middle of relaxing silence visitors hear music, the illumination changes several times, fountains burst out and water cascades fall down.

Prices and rates (euro):

The prices for visiting Caldea Buying in Advance Buying at cash desk
Entrance ticket for adults 34.50 37
Night ticket (2 last hours of work) 28 29
Entrance ticket for children (ageing from 5 to 15 years) 25 26
3 days subscription 69 72
5 days subscription 103.50 108.50
Family rate: 2 adults, 2 children 100 104
2 adults, 3 children 115 120
2 adults, 4 children 128 134
2 adults, 5 children 138 145



Express-massage 10 min: 15 euro

Massage of separate zones (collar, back and waist zones, legs) 20 min: 30 euro

30 min: 38 euro

45 min: 50 euro

General massage 60 min: 61 euro

Massage for children (ageing from 5 to 15) 30 min: 38 euro

Gravitas massage (for pregnant women) 45 min: 50 euro

Oriental massages:

Traditional Thai massages 60 min: 61 euro

Shiatsu (Japanese massage)30 min: 38 euro

60 min: 61 euro

Hydrothermal and additional services:

Floatarium (imponderability bathes) 30 min: 17 euro

One adult person is allowed to accompany 3 children, it is obligatory to present a document with the date of birth of the child. The duration of stay is limited by 3 hours (2 hours at night), including the time, spent at the changing room. The surcharge for every extra 15 minutes makes 2 euro. In case you plan to have your lunch at the restaurant of healthy food, you will be allowed to spend 4 hours at the center instead of 3.

The zones of thermal waters and relax cost 10 euro minimum in case you have booked 20 –minute long massage. There are special; rates for groups (20 persons minimum)—the tickets should be preliminary booked via the Booking Department of Caldea. The payment of services for non-group visitors doesn’t require any booking and is implemented at the cash desks of Caldea and INUU.

INUU bath spa is a new complex of thermal waters. Its capacity makes up 200 persons. Every client is questioned at the preliminary interview with thermal procedures consultant in order to give the air of personalization to every visit by means of meeting all demands and expectations. A personal program, that encompasses the procedures, aimed at attaining moral and physical balance, aesthetic procedures, clinical nutrition and healthy way of life advice, is developed on the basis of the obtained results. The lagoons of INUU contain 72000 liters of thermal water, in the center of the complex visitors may see a gorgeous cylindrical aquarium ( 9 meters of height and 2 meters of diameter). Aquarium contains 60000 liters of water and consists of 2 separate parts: one is 6-meter high tropical sea aquarium with 14 species of sea fish and 40 species of invertebrates; the other is 3-meter high limnetic tropic aquarium with 13 species of fish.

The center offers the voyage to the land of Great dreams and reveries by means of 5 individually selected thematic zones: Water, Body, Mind, Senses, Beauty and Healthy food. Water – magic power of thermal waters: hydromassage thermaes , relaxing underwater massages, respiratory gymnastics in water, water peeling procedures.

Body and Mind—Individually selected complex of exercises with personal coach, yoga, relaxing techniques, aqua-pilates, aqua cycling , special relaxing exercises after skiing and snowboarding. Senses—evoking senses by means of different massage techniques , herbal procedures , stone-massage, Ayurveda procedures, Shiatsu, Thai massage, foot massage.

Beauty—Exfoliation (peeling), the procedures of facial care, body wraps, moisturizing procedures, lymphatic drainage massage, different grades of multitouch exfoliation intensity, aromatic oil massages. Healthy food—you will discover the peculiarities of your metabolic activity as well as the types of food that are better for you. You will get to know how to cook correctly from the thermal point of view. Special programs of healthy food with the calculations of calories and necessary nutritional chemicals are used.

Depending on the time at your disposal and the variety of services, you are interested in, you will be offered the combination of usage of different thematic zones

IDILIA (5 hours), the choice of 5 thematic zones: 313 euro

SPLENIA (3 hours), the choice of 5 thematic zones: 211 euro

EDONE (2 hours), the choice of 3 thematic zones: 160 euro

SERENIS (1,30 hours), the choice of 2 thematic zones: 150 euro

EVADIS (1 hour), the choice of 1 thematic zone: 135 euro

EVADIS (30 minutes), the choice of 1 thematic zone: 106 euro

The cost of the entrance ticket is 65 euro

The cost of the entrance ticket to INUU and Caldea luxury spa: 80 euro

The minimal age limit is 16 years. INUU entrance ticket allows to attend all services of the center within working hours (10.00-22.00): 3 levels of thermaes with waterfalls, outdoor thermaes with amazing Pyrenees view, salt caves, hot marble, sauna, fitness center with modern exercisers, relax zones, 16 rooms with exclusive cosmetology and massage services as well as the restaurant of tasty and healthy food.

A separate zone is private wellness—a set of service in the terms of complete privacy (1-4 persons)

60 minutes of procedures with 2,5 hours of the total stay at Private Wellness: 250 euro

90 minutes of procedures with 3,5 hours of the total stay at Private Wellness: 350 euro

Besides staying at Private Wellness you will have a chance to attend the center during its working hours.

The complex Caldea INUU is open Monday-Friday from 10.00 till 23.00; the children, ageing from 5 to 12 attend the complex till 14.00.

Address: Parc de la Mola, 10 AD700 Escaldes- Engordany, Principat d’Anndorra, tel. +376 800 999

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