We will not buy snow in Sochi and Siberia, it was a joke broadcasted on December 28 (Andorra’s April Fool’s Day), said Andorra Tourisme’s GM Betim Budzaku

At the beginning of the new year, Russian television channels launched information that Andorra planned to buy snow in Siberia and Sochi due to the lack of snow on the slopes of the ski resorts in the principality. The channels showed empty gray ski slopes. Then, quite seriously, it was stated that hundreds of tourists were leaving Andorra in horror and potential tourists were refusing to buy tours and the country’s ski resorts were suffering unprecedented losses. all-andorra.com asked Betim Budzaku, the general manager of Andorra Tourisme state company, for his comments.

“Indeed, on the Andorran television RTVA there was information that we are planning to buy snow in Sochi and Siberia. But it was December 28! This day is the traditional day of the jokes in Andorra. Every year on December 28, on the eve of the New Year, we release news that is difficult to recognize as truthful. I know that in Russia and some other countries they joke on April 1, but in our country it is always December 28. How could they believe it? This is impossible!

It is true that this season in the Pyrenees there is little snow. The situation is similar in the Alps with the exception of Austria, where, on the contrary, lifts are closed due to heavy snowfall. But our ski resorts have the potential to create artificial snow and cover 80% of the slopes. On artificial snow you can ride the same way as usual. So we have enough snow in this non-snow season – in general, more than 85% of ski slopes are open.

Yes, of course, it is much more expensive. But the turnover of our largest ski resort Grandvalira (Grandvalira) is about 80 million euros. Obviously, the company has the money to make artificial snow. So we have nothing to worry about!

In addition, we have an important additional part of our “winter product” – these are “after ski” parties. Most of our tourists, skiers come to Andorra because of these parties.

This year we are conducting a widespread information campaign in 8 countries – in our traditional markets in Spain and France, as well as in the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Russia and Sweden – in this country we will advertise our ski resorts for the first time.

It’s not time to talk about the losses this season. I would prefer to wait until Easter when we end the season. There is still a lot of time ahead! ”

Irina Rybalchenko

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