The Chaintré castle dates back to 12th century

The Château de Chaintré is a historic castle in Crêches-sur-Saône, Saône-et-Loire, France, Beaujolais, one hour by car from Lyon.

Access to the courtyard is through a portal flanked by two circular turrets. The castle includes three buildings arranged in a U. To the south: a tower-porch, two buildings and two circular towers. In the center, the main building. To the north, a large square tower and stables which have been replaced by another main building. Outside, we discover terraces decorated with statues and carved yews, an English park and a pond.

The castle, private property serving as a luxury residence, cannot be visited.


12th century: the castle belongs to the Chaintré family.
1516: it is sold to Antoine Bernard, bourgeois of Mâcon.
1661: it is sold to Pierre Particelli, treasurer of France in the generality of Lyon.
1746: after several sales, the castle falls to Vincent Palerne, also treasurer of France.
1845: bequest to the Marists who establish a novitiate and then a normal school there.
1868: the Marists cede the estate to Ladislas-Jules de Beaussier; his widow did not keep it, however.
1906: the castle becomes the property of Louis Sonnery-Martin industrialist and former deputy of the Rhône, paternal great-grandfather of Arielle Dombasle. She stayed there in her childhood.

GPS coordinates: : 46.2575°N 4.7761°E

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