The castle of Montesa was classified as one of the strongest in the Kingdom of Valencia

The castle of Montesa, in the Community of Valencia (Spain), was the headquarters of the Order of Montesa, and is located at the top of the mountain that dominates the town. It was classified as one of the strongest in the Kingdom of Valencia for its thick walls, strong towers and spacious parade ground, in which it is said they could train up to 2000 men. Its architectural style is Valencian Gothic.

Inside were the convent, the Church of the Order, the Palace of the Master, the barracks, etc. It was the center and refuge of dissident Muslims until in April 1277 King Pedro III of Aragon managed to take the castle.

The earthquake of March 23, 1748 caused the collapse of a large part of the castle. Seven years later, on November 1, 1755, and during the celebration of the Eucharist, a new seismic movement occurred that caused panic among the officiants and faithful who filled the castle church. And after these events the castle was abandoned, although its remains were declared an architectural-artistic monument in 1926, during the reign of Alfonso XIII.

Open for public.

Montesa is a municipality in the Valencian Community, Spain. Belonging to the province of Valencia, in the region of La Costera.

GPS coordinates: 38°57′03″N 0°39′15″W

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