The Beaupuy Castle – a mix of a Renaissance manor house and a neo-Gothic style

The Beaupuy Castle (Fr. Château de Beaupuy) is located in France, in the commune of Mouilleron-le-Captif, in the Vendée department, in the Pays de la Loire region.

Near a 15th century Renaissance manor house, fortified in the 16th century, known as the old Beaupuy castle, Count Henry-Louis de Tinguy de Nesmy had the current neo-Gothic castle built in 1871.

In 1949, his grandson, Jean de Tinguy- (Vexiau) inherited the property, he had the old manor house demolished in 1951, which dominated a small adjacent village.

The estate and castle with its landscaped park, bought in 2000 by the municipality, hosts the Vendéspace and a festive room called La Longère de Beaupu.

Located (tolls) 47 min (65.2 km) via A83 and D763 from Nantes.

GPS coordinates: 46° 42′ 47″ N, 1° 26′ 18″ E

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