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There are no big land plots for development in Andorra la Vella now, but we have much to offer to the investors planning construction of facilities of any kind, says the mayor of Andorra la Vella Jordi Ramon Minguillón

The mayor of the capital of Andorra Jordi Ramon Minguillón Capdevila tells about the development of the capital of Andorra in the next years, the main plans and tasks facing a city administration:

What are the investment plans for development of the capital of Andorra in 2015? Dynamics in relation to 2014?

– This year we …

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Within the closest years property market prices in Andorra annually will grow approximately for 5-7%, considers the president of Association of businessmen of Andorra Xavier Altimir Planes

The association of businessmen of Andorra (CEA – La Confideració Empresarial Andorrana) summed up the work results for 2014. The president of Association Xavier Altimir Planes told in the interview for about the results and plans of its activity and answered many other questions connected with policy and economy of Andorra.

What CEA is? What are the …

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Andorran Government plans amendments into the real estate market legislation

Andorran Government plans amendments into the real estate market legislation. Particularly, the alterations will touch upon the lease period, reports the Government.

Currently, the standard form of lease agreement of an apartment, chalet, commercial real estate makes up 5 years, which is  not favorable for tenants that are losing control over their property (in particular the …

All Andorra news / Property news

In comparison to the previous year 25% fall was fixed in the amount of real estate deals in Andorra

In accordance to Andorran Department of Statistics the amount real estate deals decreased by 25% in comparison to the previous year. In this connection the experts say about the adoption of a new Law on Investments provoked the decrease in the amount of “passive residence” applicants.


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