Andorra discusses the problems in relation to rental housing prices

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The National Housing Commission of Andorra (Pyrenees) has held its first meeting this Tuesday to find solutions to the current problems in relation to rental housing prices. In the first meeting, it was agreed necessary to do a study on the rental market situation and a census of empty housing in order to define a strategy that is well adapted to the current situation.

The commission, chaired by the Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and Interior, Xavier Espot Zamora, also has the participation of the Ministers of Finance, Jordi Cinca, and Territorial Planning, Jordi Torres. In addition, this is the first time when all the interlocutors related to this topic can work and exchange opinions. Thus, consuls of different parishes, the citizen’s rulers and representatives of diverse sectors such as the AGIA, the Acode, the Association of Property Owners, Caritas, and various departments of the Administration can participate.

The Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs valued the first meeting very positively since they were already able to make firm and concrete agreements to continue working to deal with the unfavorable increase in the rental price seen recently. The minister indicated that these rises in prices mainly respond to the lack of flats for rent and that therefore some of the measures that have already been introduced through the bill of urgent measures for the rental properties are to encourage the creation or rehabilitation of homes for this use.

Specifically, on Tuesday, the members of the National Housing Commission commented on the measures provided by the law, and have shared their suitability, although they emphasize that these are urgent measures but that they will not give a definitive solution to the problems and that therefore we must continue working on it. In this sense, the participants have already agreed on the preparation of two studies that should allow them to define a strategy that is more relevant to the current situation.

On the one hand, the study already begun by the AGIA, on the current situation of rental housing, will be carried out with the collaboration of the Department of Statistics, and all the parties present have agreed to provide all the necessary information available.

On the other hand, it has also been agreed to hold a census of empty floors to have a better picture of the reality and identify the actions that may be necessary to put the empty houses up for rent.

The members of the Commission will hold a new meeting during the month of November, in which progress will be made on these two studies.

In addition, it has been decided to give the Commission permanent status in order to be able to work on a medium and long-term strategy. Therefore, it was agreed to draw up operating regulations and establish a calendar of regular meetings.

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