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Post-Technology and Man-Machine Society: the Conceptual Lag is Much More Dangerous than the Economic and even Technological Lag, says Futurologist Sergei Pereslegin

Sergei Borisovich Pereslegin is the director of Knowledge Economics Center at the International Scientific-Research Institute for Management Problems, scientific director of “Knowledge reactor” project group and a specialist in the field of future forecasting and modeling (psycho history).

Today we are talking with Sergey Pereslegin on the subject of the Sixth (VI) techno-economic paradigm:

How can you …

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The Constitution of Andorra: main principles

The Constitution of Andorra: 18 main principles

1. The 1993 Constitution defines Andorra as «a democratic and social independent State abiding by the rule of law» (Article 1.1). It proclaims that «Sovereignty is vested in the Andorran People, who exercise it through the different means of participation and by way of the institutions established in this …

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Andorra increases the subsidies for housing in 2018

Andorra increases the subsidies for housing in 2018. This decision was taken by the Council of Ministers of the Principality. The purpose of the Andorran government is to make housing more affordable for Andorran citizens. Restrictions will not apply to persons who already have loans.

Among the priority groups of recipients of subsidies are women who …