Creativity is priceless and it is what gives us the means to live outside these walls, says Judith Moran, owner of the French private museum of mechanical dolls

The museum of mechanical dolls in Limoux (France) is a unique place that will undoubtedly be interesting to visit for both children and adults. It is a private museum created by Martine Morand and Jean-Jaques Achache and inherited by their daughter, Judit Morand. All-andorra.com, being impressed after visiting the museum, asked its owner about the …

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The Museum of Machine Dolls (le musée des Automates): a laboratory of magic

The Museum of Machine Dolls (le musée des Automates): a laboratory of magic. Limoux, France.

“We are glad to welcome you in the secret realm of magic, where our characters come to life …”, says Judith Moran, daughter of Jean-Jacques Ausch and Martina Moran, a family in love with the creation of all these unique machine …

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Philippe Shangti’s exhibition “The Future is Now”, prepared for the opening of the 58th Venice Art Biennale

Philippe Shangti’s art exhibition “The Future is Now” (“El futur és ara”) opens in Venice. This artist will represent Andorra at the Venice Art Biennale, which officially opens on May 11th (58th edition).

The theme of Philip Shangti’s exhibition is formulated as a “fragmentary setting for criticizing the consequences of excessive consumption of the collective consciousness”. …