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Our Tier 1 capital ratio of over 30% is already the highest in Andorra, said Christoph Lieber, CEO of Vall Banc

CEO of a new Andorran bank Vallbanc Christoph Lieber spoke to about future of private banking in Andorra and bank’s strategic plans:

Before you were appointed CEO of Vall Banc and moved to Andorra, you worked in Germany and Switzerland. What do you see as the greatest difference between the banking systems in these countries and …

Interview / Property news

Within the closest years property market prices in Andorra annually will grow approximately for 5-7%, considers the president of Association of businessmen of Andorra Xavier Altimir Planes

The association of businessmen of Andorra (CEA – La Confideració Empresarial Andorrana) summed up the work results for 2014. The president of Association Xavier Altimir Planes told in the interview for about the results and plans of its activity and answered many other questions connected with policy and economy of Andorra.

What CEA is? What are the …