Soriano was a Spanish motorcycle brand, created by Ricardo Soriano and active in Madrid between 1941 and 1954, although production was concentrated between 1942 and 1952.

It manufactured several very popular models of small-wheel motorcycles, totaling 6,000 units. The constructive principle applied was the one of reduction to the minimum to save weight, raw material and costs.

The first model or “A” was called Potro de Acero, a series of 100 units with a forced air-cooled motor. The second model or “B” would be called Tiger; Soriano wanted to produce 1000 units, which would remain at 200 due to reliability problems.

Then the Puma model appeared, already incorporating the 122cc Villiers engine, whose greater mechanical reliability was not enough to achieve commercial success.

Then the Lince model was presented, with the engine already built in Spain (Hispano Villiers). Finally, the Pantera model would appear, with changes in the engine and front fork, of the telescopic type.

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