CFMoto 800MT Touring N39º

Zhejiang Chunfeng Power Co. Ltd. (CFMoto) is a Chinese manufacturer of engines, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, quadricycles, quads, and yachts headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. It is well-known for their quality & cost effective motorcycles and ATVs. The Chunfeng CF650-2 and CF1250J models produced by the company are police vehicles used by public security agencies in many provinces and cities.

CFMoto was established in 1989 by Lai Guoqiang. In 2013, it began to be involved in the constructing high-end yachts.

In 2011, CFMoto and KTM entered into a commercial partnership. In 2017, the two companies started a joint venture that allows the production and sale of KTM motorcycles in China under the name of “KTMR2R”. CFMoto also assembles the small displacement models on behalf of KTM in its Chinese factories and also produces the large displacement KTM engines.

Assembly: Zhejiang (China)

Years of production: 2020—

Engine: 799 cc

Power: 94 HP

Weight: 230 kg

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