Russian Military Historical Society. Graffiti on Sadovaya-Karetnaya

The All-Russian Public and State Organization “Russian Military Historical Society” is a Russian voluntary self-governing public and state association founded in 2012 by decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The activities of the organization, according to the declaration, are aimed at studying and popularizing the military history of Russia, as well as preserving objects of military historical cultural heritage.

One of the largest paintings that were drawn as part of the project

On the walls of the house on the street Sadovaya-Karetnaya, d. 24/7 (Moscow) Soviet pilots were immortalized at the Victory Parade. The area of graffiti took 340 m2 and the artists worked for almost a week. The author of the composition was Maxim Toropov, such artists as Sergey Ovseikin, Andrei Tseluiko, Alexander Emelyanov and others also took part in the creation of the work.

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