Next year we will celebrate 20 years of trial racing by incorporating new ideas, said the organizer of the “Ventoux trial classic”, Aubert Thierry


Aubert Thierry, the organizer of the “Ventoux trial classic”, spoke with about this event and its participants:

“I organize the competition “Ventoux trial classic” in Malaucene (located in Vaucluse) with the help of 138 volunteers. This year we held the 19th event. Previously, the competition was a solo race based in Bedoin, until 2005 when it was created for a team of 3 riders. In 2011 the trial moved to Malaucene.

Next year we will celebrate our 20th year by incorporating new ideas.

For the 1st edition we had 62 riders and this year we have 350 pilots from 8 countries.

Starting this year, French riders need an FFM license (for many days or for one day – it does not matter). Foreign pilots need an FIM license and additionally an exit permit from their country. For licensed drivers the price of the commitment is 103 euros, non-licensed drivers pay 163 euros.

The motorcycles allowed to compete, are those made before 1984. They must have 2 rear shock absorbers and drum brakes.

Every year there are riders with a very high level. This year we are sponsored by Mike Andrew who is 74 years old and still competing. There are also: Charles Coutard, Frederic Michaud, Jaime Subira, Gilles Burgat and Jean Luc Nictou.

The budget for this event is 37,000 – 38,000 euros mainly covered by the commitments of the pilots.

Alongside the competition, there is a small village with stands selling handicrafts and also a bar. There is also the ephemeral pub in the center of the village with drinks, tapas, video, music … “.

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