MASH 500 (FIVE HUNDRED) 400 CC 2017

The Mash Five Hundred is a model of the Franco-Chinese motorcycle brand Mash designed by Sima in Beaune, France. It is a neo-retro motorcycle of 397 cc taking up the design and general architecture of the Honda CB 400 SS produced from 2001 to 2007 in Japan.

It is available when it is released on October 1, 2014 in two colors: Iron Black and Cherry Red.

The first series has “Five Hundred 500” stickers on the side covers because Sima originally wanted to produce this model in a larger displacement. However, because the actual displacement of 397 cc remains unchanged during production, the “500” is deleted to avoid any ambiguity.

The frame, engine and many other components are manufactured in China by the Shineray factory in Chongqing, while some accessories and cosmetic elements are chosen and assembled in France in Mash workshops.

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