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Radio communications on sport and pleasure boats with Andorran number plates will be monitored by the new regulations

The Council of Ministers of Andorra adopted a regulation that regulates the issuing of maritime radio communications for sports and pleasure boats with Andorran number plates, given that the current legislation does not have legal coverage in this matter.

The purpose of this decree is to establish regulations on maritime radio communications and radio electronic equipment …

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All employment programs are maintained and efforts are intensified in programs aimed at the private sector

The Council of Ministers has approved, on Wednesday, the five regulations of employment promotion programs, which in this edition increase efforts directed at the private sector.

Employment promotion programs aim to influence the hiring of people with the greatest difficulties in finding and maintaining a job through subsidies. In addition, the Employment Service establishes with the …

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The prisoners in Andorra’s jail will be taught yoga

The Minister of Justice, Social and Internal Affairs of Andorra, and the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Andorra, Xavier Espot, alongside Andorra’s Minister of Education, Eric Jover, presented an educational project aimed at promoting the reintegration of prisoners through educational activities.

Since 2016, training needs analysis has been carried out in the penitentiary …

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Road precautions are in place

The Civil Protection department, police, firefighters, COEX, Mobility and the Ministry of Education have held a Meeting to assess the gravity of the snowstorm, coordinate all bodies to ensure maximum normality and improve the circulation of the road network. Those responsible for the different services recommend maximum caution when travelling both in vehicles and on …

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Andorran Government approves ITV tariffs for 2019

The new technical inspection of vehicles (ITV) tariffs have just been approved by the Andorran Government. Compared to last year, they increased by 0.7%.

The new rates:

Tarifs 2018 (IGI included)
Tarifs 2019 (IGI included)

1.1 Duplicate card.
Issuing a duplicate of the transport card in case of loss, deterioration or modification of data

2.1 Use of the ITV …

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Andorra increases the purchasing power of citizens by increasing the minimum salary and pension

The government of Andorra has taken a number of measures to increase the purchasing power of citizens. The country’s politicians turned to trade union representatives and enterprises to explain the various measures relating to salaries and pensions.

First of all, the minimum wage in the principality this year increased to 1,050 euros (since 2015, the minimum …