The Castle of Sant Martí de Tous is currently a large fortified residential house, very restored, located in the town of Sant Martí de Tous, in the region of Anoia and on the edge of the Conca de Barberà (Spain, Catalonia).

It is considered a Cultural Asset of National Interest.

The first documentary news, which are part of the repopulating phenomenon of the Anoia valley, date from the 10th century.

The castle is located on top of a hill, 455 meters above sea level, overlooking the Tous stream to the left. Although it has been rebuilt without any archaeological concern and adapted for a new, rather residential service, elements can still be observed that allow us to determine its fortress characteristics.

It is more likely that the foundations of the current building are those of the primitive one.

The current building is basically Gothic, with many later modifications and a modern restoration. It is worth noting the crown windows (tall and narrow windows, covered by one or several thin stone columns on which semicircular arches rest) with trilobed arches, with festoons. Also, the diaphragm arches that can be seen in several rooms.

How to get to?

From Barcelona: 1 hr 2 min (78.0 km) via A-2

From Madrid: 5 hr 24 min (557 km) via A-2

From Paris: 11 hr 40 min (1,077 km) via A75

From Andorra: 2 hr 59 min (149 km) via C-14

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